Following the decision of the municipality of Tel Aviv to promote affordable housing in the city, a new scholarship program has been created to support Students of TAU who reside in selected neighborhoods of Tel Aviv.
With the cooperation of the TAU Student union and the Tel Aviv trust fund, the scholarship is awarded to TAU students who rent a room or an apartment in certain parts of Jaffa, Neve Shaanan, Shapira and Hatikva neighborhoods and amounts to 9600 shekels per student yearly (in two separate payments). 
The scholarship requires every student who applies to volunteer a minimum of 50 hours yearly in any program recognized by the scholarship preferably in the neighborhood in which the student resides.
   To apply, the student must fill out the enrollment form on our website.
A student already living in one of the neighborhoods listed above or in the advanced stages of sigming
a rent contract must state so in the form. 
Following enrollment the student will be contacted by scholarship officials. For more information we
can be contacted via telephone 077-3306061.
   Finding an apartment: In order to receive the scholarship the student will need to find a room or
apartment to rent in one of the approved neighborhoods. 
This can be achieved both independently by the student and with our assistance (via the phone
number above). All addresses approved for the scholarship are listed in our website, including maps
that show the approved perimeter for each neighborhood.
Before signing a rent contract the student must make sure that the rented property is included in these
listings. Pending this condition and several others that will be noted orally, the student will receive
preliminary approval to proceed signing a contract over a property after notifying scholarship officials
of the address of the relevant property.
   After signing a rent contract the student will need to fill out and send a scholarship request form.
In addition to this form the student will need to provide:


i) TAU authentication of studies.

ii) Original rent contract or an attorney approved copy.

iii) Property tax receipt (Arnona) in the name of the student tenant.

iv) Scanned state ID of the student with the updated new neighborhood address.

v) Passport photo of the student.


 About the scholarship 

 How to apply